PACE opportunities

PACE activity opportunities available

These PACE activities meet the learning outcomes of a PACE unit. Please note that some opportunities may be available in more than one Faculty.

Current opportunities

Position Location Closes
FMHHS - PSYU3399 | Lifeline Northern Beaches | Telephone Crisis Supporter Sydney
Most psychology students are aware that higher degrees in psychology are hard to get into, and that one of the key criteria is experience in the psychology and counselling sector. That is one reason why Psychology students are often keen to undertake Lifeline training – the quality of the training is outstanding, the experience is invaluable, and undertaking Lifeline training and then Lifeline counselling can greatly strengthen applications for Masters and other Professional courses in psychology.
FMHHS - PSYU3399 2021 | Raise Foundation | Youth Mentoring Sydney
The Raise Foundation is offering PSYU3399 students a wonderful opportunity to become a 1:1 mentor to a high school student at risk of disengaging.  The placement will be made up of a one-day training course plus online modules, followed by 2 hours of mentoring per week for two school terms.
FOA | INTS3050 or AHIS3005| The German Migration Project Sydney
The German Migration Project (GMP) is a transnational research-based teaching project that aims to reflect the transnationality of German (and all other) migration experiences. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in gathering data on the history of German migration to Australia.
FMHHS - PSYU3399 2021 | Max Potential | Community Coach - Working with Young Adults on Personal Leadership Thinking Sydney
Applications required ASAP. The Max Potential program offers 6 months of personal leadership development, including coaching, to young adults (16-23), to help them maximise their potential during the final years of education and beyond. It also encourages young adults to focus on the local community and ways that they can work to improve it.
MQBS3000 | Find Your Own Internship | MQBS PACE Student Proposed Internship Application |S1 2021 Sydney
Found your own internship or want to use an internship with your current employer as your PACE activity? Apply now to have your opportunity approved for MQBS3000 in Session 1, 2021.
PACE International - ImmerQi and CISAustralia Sydney, International
Want to gain genuine workplace experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home? Keen to grow your international networks without the cost and risk of overseas travel? Want to do an internship over the summer and get ahead of the curve? ImmerQi and CISautralia are offering 4-12 week online internships during Session 3, 2020 and Session 1, 2021.

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