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These PACE activities meet the learning outcomes of a PACE unit. Please note that some opportunities may be available in more than one Faculty.

Current opportunities

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FOA | MMCC3150 | Center for Migrant Advocacy - Campaign Material Development Project Sydney
Through your MMCC3150 placement, you will make a valuable contribution to a project which involves an advocacy campaign against gender-based violence and trafficking of women migrant workers and their families. This project is focused on building and strengthening networks of women migrant workers to prevent violence and trafficking throughout the migration cycle. The primary target audience are local communities, local government units, various sectoral groups and organizations, including schools as well as the multimedia.
FOA | MMCC3150 | Center for Migrant Advocacy - Multimedia Production Project Sydney
Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA) is an advocacy group that promotes the rights of overseas Filipinos land or sea based migrant workers and Filipino immigrants and their families.  Through your MMCC3150 placement, you will be contributing to the production of an institutional video entitled What is CMA?  This video will provide an introduction and orientation to CMA and its work.
MRES7001 | MQBS |Research project on the psychosocial impacts of cancer and its treatment on adolescents and young adults. Sydney
Psychosocial impacts of cancer on young adults - Research Project
MRES7001 | MQBS | Dept of Mathematics |Investigating flow through microscopic filter-like structures project Sydney
Investigating flow through microscopic filter-like structures research project
FOA | MMCC3150 | FPT University Global - Virtual Digital Marketing Internship Sydney
As a unit of FPT Education, FPT University Global offers short-term mobility programs to international students in Vietnam. Our offering includes study tours, internships, semester abroad and exchange programs. Research has previously been conducted to develop an understanding of students' behaviours towards mobility programs post COVID-19.  In light of this research, you will be tasks with improving FPT University Global's marketing strategies to promote mobility programs in the context COVID-19.
FOA | MMCC3150 | SAM.Coach Marketing and Communications Internship Sydney
SAM.Coach is looking for a talented Marketing & Communication Assistant to support the launch of its MVP. This is a rare and exciting opportunity for a passionate and self-motivated student who thrives in a dynamic and creative environment. The successful candidate will be a collaborative team player with proven ability in creative thinking and will possess business acumen.
FOA | MMCC3150 | SAM.Coach Web and Graphic Design Internship Sydney
Are you a creative Web & Graphic Designer that is looking for a unique opportunity? SAM.Coach is looking for a passionate candidate to produce attractive and functional UI/UX elements for its sales enablement software.
FOA | MMCC3150 | Action on Poverty (Vietnam) - Virtual Online Marketing Internship Sydney
In Vietnam, we focus on helping people to secure sustainable incomes, with an emphasis on women’s economic empowerment. We also work in the areas of climate change, public health, and governance. We work directly with local communities in open dialogue to understand their needs and how we can best help. We are looking for students to assist with SEO and Facebook Marketing to support our work.
FOA | MMCC3150 | Weber Shandwick First Light Internship Program Sydney
Weber Shandwick Worldwide is a global marketing and communications agency responsible for the delivery of some of the most creative, insightful and increasingly integrated campaigns to solve complex business and communications problems.Our Sydney office is currently looking for relentlessly curious students studying Public Relations, Digital Communications, Marketing or other related fields to join the Weber Shandwick First Light Internship Program.
MQBS | PACE2001 | Professional Practice Placement 1 | Session 3 2020 Sydney
Apply now for PACE2001 Professional Practice Placement 1 in Session 3 2020
MRES7001 |MQ |Department of Geography and Planning | Research Project Sydney
Research Project - Sustainable food consumption practices in Australia
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Sociology | International Migration Project Sydney
This internship is about providing research assistance to develop a scholarly publication on the theme of international migration and changing work in global capitalism.
FOA | MMCC3150 | Benevolence Financial Group | Media Internship Sydney
A social enterprise mortgage broker - Our aim is to disrupt the traditional finance industry to be more sustainable and benefit everyone, not just a few. We are currently looking for a media/comms/PR intern to support us with our PR & Media strategy.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Psychology | Animals in Disasters Project: Stakeholder Organisations Sydney
This project involves a survey, interviews, and follow-on field work/case studies looking at how a range of stakeholder organisations are planning for the management of animals (companion animals/pets and livestock) and how well this has been implemented in recent years.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Psychology | Animals in Disasters Project: Media Role Sydney
This internship will involve investigation of the role that media plays in driving the expectations of the public, with respect to planning for animals in disasters. This will involve media analysis (mainstream and social media), as well as some literature reviewing, possible access to survey/interview data from the project, and report writing.
MQBS | PROF1001 | Introduction to Professional Practice | Session 2 2020 Sydney
PROF1001 provides you with a foundation for your future career by developing important workplace skills and your professional identity.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Ancient History | Pollen evidence from Giza in the Pyramid Age Sydney
The Internship includes work in organic geochemistry laboratory under supervision of Dr Sophia Aharonovich. The research includes study of the ancient pollen on ceramics from the Pyramid Age of Giza, Egypt (c. 2550 BC). The ceramic sherds come from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and belong to a large collection of pottery from Giza obtained over 70 years ago.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Sociology | Generous and Grateful Project Sydney
This internship activity would be conducted through a collaboration of Generous and Grateful and MQ researchers. Generous and Grateful (GG) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney whose mission is to share kindness by providing vulnerable people who have suffered hardship with furniture and home essentials so they can rebuild their lives with support and dignity. Their current focus are survivors of domestic violence, people recovering from homelessness, refugees and youth at risk.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Ancient History | Ink Analysis Project Sydney
The intern will participate in the analysis of ink on papyri from the Macquarie History Museum, as part of an interdisciplinary Australian Research Council funded project analysing the chemistry of inks on papyri to determine issues of authenticity, date, provenance, and environmental issues.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Ancient History | Papyrus Collection Provenance Project Sydney
The intern will work in the papyrus collection of the Macquarie History Museum, collecting and collating information about the acquisition and provenance of the c. 600 items in the Macquarie papyrus collection to form the basis for a study of the collection history of these papyri.

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