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PACE activity opportunities available

These PACE activities meet the learning outcomes of a PACE unit. Please note that some opportunities may be available in more than one Faculty.

Current opportunities

Position Location Closes
MRES7001 | MQBS | Dept of Economics | Global Production Networks Research Project Sydney
Research Project to understand the way negative shocks transmit globally and affect local development, particularly in the face of dependence of Global Production Networks (GPN) on large and powerful Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs) has acquired a pressing importance.
MRES7001 |MQBS | Department of Applied Finance | Remuneration practices in the Financial Services industry Sydney
Conduct an experiment examining remuneration practices in the financial services industry
MRES7001 |MQBS |Department of Management |Research Project - The ascendancy of incompetence in organisations Sydney
Research Project - The ascendancy of incompetence in organisations.
FOA | MMCC3150 | MQ Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies Sydney
This project would involve a team of six students working with Dr. Terri Senft remotely to conceptualize, create and promote “social media theory” explainer videos for university and other students to view. The videos would run approximately 10 minutes each, and be posted to YouTube. There is also a plan to trim the videos into smaller sections that could be posted to social media outlets like Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Ancient History | Teti Cemetery Research Project Sydney
If you have ever wanted to understand how the work of an archaeological excavation becomes a finished publication, this is the project for you! The purpose of the internship is to assist in bringing New Kingdom funerary material from the Teti Cemetery at Saqqara to the stage of a fully-fledged manuscript ready for publication.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Macquarie University History Museum | Beni Hassan and Esna Research Project Sydney
Are you interested in conducting research on finds from Beni Hassan and Esna in Australian Museums? Overwhelmed by the massive number of finds made during the excavations in Beni Hassan (1902-03) and Esna (1905-06), John Garstang from the University of Liverpool reached out to sponsors and museums worldwide from 1904 onward.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Macquarie University History Museum | Lower Nubia during the Late Old Kingdom Research Project Sydney
The aim of this PACE project, based on sources in the main library and translations of biographies from OK governors of Elephantine, is to draw an evidence-based picture of Egypt's border with Africa during the time of Pepi II.
MRES7001 | MQBS | Department of Accounting | Research Project The Value Proposition of Accounting for 4IR Sydney
Extensive Research project on literature to identify the essential value of Accounting.
FOA | MMCC3150| Department of Media, Music, Communications and Cultural Studies: Website Design Project Sydney
This placement will involve designing a website that archives photo series, other artworks, and creative research projects by Jane Simon.
FOA | MMCC3150| Student Diversity and Inclusion: Webinar Development Project Sydney
The aim of this PACE activity is to develop online content, such as webinars, blogs, and Instagram content to provide information and support to the Macquarie University student community.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Security Studies | Research Internship: "Five Eyes” Intelligence Sharing Project Sydney
This internship will involve assisting with the establishment of a research project on the history and politics of intelligence reform and oversight within the nations of the “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing relationship (the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand).
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Educational Studies | Research Internship: Social Engagement in Children Sydney
Goal of this project: To assess and increase the alertness, engagement, and participation in children with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Australia-Peru Chamber of Commerce | Research Internship Sydney
Initial scoping work for a potential collaborative research project (literature review, model for preparing guides to relevant trade agreements, emerging opportunities in response to rapidly changing global circumstances) between Macquarie University and Australia-Peru Chamber of Commerce.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of International Studies | Global Power Assistant Sydney
The internship involves working with the leaders of the research group on Global Power, Inequality and Conflict to support public communication of research through media and research events, identification of relevant current affairs, enhancement of research networks and engagement, and research publication project planning.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Educational Studies | Research Internship Translating and Analysing Japanese Survey Responses Sydney
The principal aim of this study is to explore the perception and self-efficacy of a group of Japanese medical practitioners, allied health professionals and special education teachers on working with individuals with disabilities.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Anthropology | ParentsNext Research Internship Sydney
The internship entails undertaking a specific task within the ParentsNext research: analysis and coding of public submissions in the ParentsNext Senate inquiry. Under guidance from me, these submissions will be sorted, closely read and interpreted: the coding system will be developed collaboratively.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Security Studies | Research Internship: Conventional Maritime Deterrence Sydney
This internship will make a valuable contribution to a larger research agenda on conventional maritime deterrence. This research project asks how effective maritime deterrence (which includes submarines, missiles, etc.) is at persuading adversaries from projecting naval forces towards the defending nation.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations | Australasian Review of African Studies Assistant Sydney
This internship will offer a student the opportunity to provide editorial assistance to the Australasian Review of African Studies, a scholarly journal auspiced by the African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP)
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Ancient History | Ancient History Research Internship: Ethics and Archaeological Human Remains Sydney
This internship will assist A/Prof. Ronika K. Power and her project team in analysing survey data and producing a literature review regarding the ethics of engagement with archaeological human remains for the purposes of producing a peer-reviewed article, upon which the successful candidate will be included as a co-author.
FOA | FOAR7004 | Department of Anthropology | Curating Anthropology Internship Sydney
Are you interested in material culture, collections, representation, curating and the use of anthropological knowledge in museum settings? Here’s the ideal placement for you. In conjunction with the Anthropology unit Doing Ethnography you will be working with a rich and eclectic collection of material culture in the Macquarie University Art Gallery.

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