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PACE activity opportunities available

These PACE activities are designed to meet the learning outcomes of a PACE unit. Please note that some opportunities may be available in more than one Faculty.

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Current opportunities

Position Location Closes
MAS350 | The Ideas Suite | PR Internship Sydney
The Ideas Suite has an intern position open in its PR internship training program. If you have office experience, possess excellent writing skills and are available two consecutive days a week for 10 weeks, we would like to hear from you.
PACE399 | Sydney Alliance | Internship Program Sydney
The Sydney Alliance offers an unpaid internship program to engage young people in community organising and civic participation. The program draws young people, generally (but not exclusively) under the age of 26, from universities across Sydney and from within member organisations. There are two options of participation: 1. Internships that vary from 4 to 6 months and are generally structured to fit into the student’s current schedule of work and study. 2. Placements as part of university coursework
MAS350 | MQ Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies | Social Media Internship Sydney
MMCS is looking for someone to set up and develop a content management plan for a LinkedIn group targeting Bachelor of Marketing and Media students and alumni. The intern will be conducting research into best practice for operating a LinkedIn group - setting up the group, developing an editorial schedule, inviting students or alumni and managing the approval process. This tasks can largely be done remotely. MMCS is looking for someone interested in completing their PACE internship during the summer break at the beginning of 2018 if possible.
FHS - PSY399 - Aspect Vern Barnett School, Forestville Sydney
The Aspect Vern Barnett School in Forestville is a school for children with Autism. The school has a very strong creative arts program that runs on a weekly basis, and the placement for PSY399 students is to work with the staff and children on the art program.
FHS - PSY399 - Raise Foundation Sydney
The Raise Foundation is offering PSY399 students a wonderful opportunity to become a 1:1 mentor to a high school student at risk of disengaging.  The placement will be made up of a two-day training course, a half day Jitters session followed by 2 hours of mentoring per week.
FOBE200 - FOBE300 | Cohen & Krass | Accounting Internship | 1 Paid Position Sydney
Cohen & Krass offer an expansive spectrum of legal, accounting and business advisory services to small to medium-sized businesses and individuals. They work across legal, accounting, business consultancy and financial planning divisions to deliver the best possible service and solution to their clients.
INTS305 | Business France | Assistant Trade Advisor | 3 Positions Sydney
BUSINESS FRANCE is the French Agency for international business development, it lies at the heart of France’s public-sector export support framework. With 80 Trade Commissions in 60 countries, Business France offers a comprehensive range of products and services aimed at accompanying French-based companies in their development on export markets. It provides a pragmatic and customized approach to over 10,000 companies each year and is recognized for its result-oriented working culture.
FOBE200 - FOBE300 | FBE PACE Internship Registration Form | All Disciplines | S1 2018 Sydney
Register your interest for a FBE PACE Internship by completing the registration form which will help us match you with a suitable internship.
FOBE200 - FOBE300 | Bennelong Foundation Scholarship | Avoca Investment Management Internship | 1 Position Sydney
The Bennelong Foundation is generously funding one scholarship of $10,000 ($5,000 in Session 1 and $5,000 in Session 2, 2018) commencing in 2018.  The scholarship provides the opportunity to enrol in FOBE200 and FOBE300 in 2018 and take part in a paid internship with Avoca Investment Management from February to November 2018 for one day per week.  In addition to the $10,000 scholarship, remuneration for the internship will be approximately $8,000, dependent on start and finish dates.
MAS350 | Inside HR | Content Producer Internship Opportunity Sydney
The Inside HR website will be the main focus for students as it will provide them with the most relevant experience and afford them the most practical benefits. Internship positions with the magazine will play to intern’s aspirations in getting some articles published online at a level that is appropriate for their skills which helps them get some “runs on the board” for future employment applications.
MAS350 |WE Buchan | Multiple Positions Sydney
WE Buchan is a business partner with WE Worldwide (WE), one of the world’s largest independent communication agencies. By working as part of this global group, we extend client representation into Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, providing market reach and on-the- ground implementation. Our collaborative partnership with WE also gives our clients access to ground-breaking digital capabilities including our unique insights and analytics tools to assist strategy development and measurement.
AHIS346 |Sanisera Archaeological Fieldschool | Internship Opportunity International, Sydney
The Sanisera Archaeology Institute started in 1996 as a school for university students who wanted to be trained in archaeological fieldwork through the excavation of the Roman portuary city of Sanisera (Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain). In 2004, due to the continuing success of its archaeological courses, the Field School became an international reference center and started giving its courses in English for students coming from, in most of the cases, Anglo-Saxon Universities, with programs in Archaeology and Anthropology, such as those from USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.
MAS350 | Back 2 Earth | Social Media Intern Sydney
We are a relatively new business and we need marketing help. We have both Instagram and Facebook which I am managing to post, however it will be good to: - have some to respond and interact and reach out to other accounts. - have help YouTubing and uploading videos. - reach out to magazines, media, radio and TV to try write stories and editorials about us.
MAS350 FOAR300 |Oaktree | Volunteer Opportunities Sydney
Oaktree NSW is currently searching for passionate and enthusiastic young leaders to join our team. As Australia's largest, entirely youth run organisation, Oaktree offers its volunteers an opportunity to lead campaigns and have a tangible impact on the lives of youth living in extreme poverty.

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