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These PACE activities are designed to meet the learning outcomes of a PACE unit. Please note that some opportunities may be available in more than one Faculty.

Current opportunities

Position Location Closes
FOA | MAS350 | Strategic Research/Marketing Sydney
The intern will assist with achieving the organisation's key objectives by enhancing customer relationships for a more thorough and clear research-driven strategy. They will continue with our social media and marketing strategy and help with business and database development. They will be transcribing key responses during interviews/focus groups conducted by the organisation as well as data collection by contacting clients over the phone and checking that all information is correct. Working on content creation and sorting through articles appropriate to post on the company's social media platforms.
FOA |CUL350 and PHIL383 |Research Internships Sydney
Tape Archive Catalogue The project aims to create a detailed catalogue of archival reel-to-reel tapes stored in the Linguistics Department. Tapes date back to the beginning of Macquarie's history and many contain valuable data to be preserved for posterity. The first step is to create a catalogue that will help us make decisions about how best to protect these valuable data.
FSE - FOSC300 | MQ - Department of Biological Sciences | Citizen Science Project Outreach & Communication Support | 2 Positions Sydney
The Scoop a Poop citizen science project is looking for PACE students to assist with the science communication and outreach aspects of the project.
FHS - LING288 |Wangarang Industries, Orange: People with Abilities |Stories of Wangarang Sydney
Wangarang Industries: People with Abilities | Stories of Wangarang - Location: Orange, NSW; Availability: travel and be available from Monday 17 September to Friday 28 September (mid-Session Break)
FOBE200 - FOBE300 |The Market Grocer| Marketing & Media Internship |1 Paid Position Sydney
Established in 2005 to service the independent fruit and vegetable sector with a range of grocery products, we are a NSW based importer & wholesaler of quality food and beverage products. From small beginnings with an initial staff of two, The Market Grocer is now one of the largest grocery wholesalers servicing Independent, specialty grocers and major supermarkets in NSW. Our warehousing and distribution facilities are located at the major distribution hub within the Sydney Markets complex at Homebush in NSW.
FOA | PHIL383 | Neurolaw Research Project - Philosophy Internship Opportunity Sydney
The Australian Neurolaw Database (AUNLDB) supports theoretical and normative analysis of how neuroscientific evidence is used, and of the picture of human agency this presupposes. It provides a valuable resource for those interested in policy and law reform, and assists judges and practitioners to find neuroscience-related precedents. Students participating in this MQSIS funded project will help expand the AUNLDB to better-represent the reach and impact of advances in the mind sciences on law in Australia, to include important cases in civil and tort law (e.g., those involving testamentary capacity), and to make it available online).
FOBE200 - FOBE300 | Australian and Accounting Tax Guides (AATG)| Accounting Internship |1 Paid Position Sydney
Australian Accounting and Tax Guides is a CA Practice which is dedicated to providing excellence in a comprehensive range of professional accounting, management, business and taxation services
FOBE200 - FOBE300 |The Lending Alliance| Accounting Internship |2 Paid Positions Sydney
The Lending Alliance (TLA) is a multi-award winning mortgage broking firm specialising in the facilitation of finance for the purchase of residential and commercial and private property transactions. From a basic home loan to complex lending structures, The Lending Alliance also has direct access to private investors and facilitates timely solutions for their clients.
FOBE200 - FOBE300 | The Kids Cancer Project| Marketing & Communications Internship | 1 Unpaid Position Sydney
The Kids’ Cancer Project is a national charity founded by Col Reynolds in 1993 once he learned that research was the only way to help children with cancer. Today, The Kids’ Cancer Project is one of the largest funders of childhood cancer research in Australia.
FOA | AHIS392, CUL350, and PHIL383 | Sydney Eisteddfod Archiving Opportunity Sydney
Sydney Eisteddfod is an independent, community-based, not-for-profit organisation. For over eight decades, Sydney Eisteddfod has been contributing to the evolving culture of the Australian nation by nurturing the performing arts at a grass roots level. The Sydney Eisteddfod Digitisation Project wants to improve its access to critical information. They are seeking an intern to assist with archival work.
FOA | MAS350 | MQ Group Marketing - Internship Opportunity Sydney
Working on live projects at any time within the Marketing team. Intern will work on at least two projects that will span the full 10 week period to give in depth experience. In addition there will be developmental opportunities across various generic marketing activities, including but not limited to: Coordinating the GM monthly meeting (hosted by strategy team) including managing the ice breaker agenda item Managing the Marketing Plan 90 day check in meeting content collation (Sept) and assisting with event management (venue booking, run sheet, ordering catering and collation of content)
FOA | PHIL383 | Data Science and eResearch - Internship Opportunity Sydney
This is an opportunity for a student to work with the DVCR to carry out social media outreach for the Data Science and eResearch group.
FOA | FOSC300, PACE399, CUL350 and MAS350 | Science Engagement and Leadership Sydney
PACE students will help in developing inspirational stories of our NISEP secondary student leaders. They will work closely with the Macquarie NISEP Directors and Roberto Giunta of StoryMotive. They will develop YouTube stories from footage we have of these student leaders throughout their schooling years and assist in developing case studies for showcasing NISEP’s outcomes. Students may get a chance to visit NISEP partner schools and other NISEP events, including being a part of the NISEP science engagement-leadership opportunities. Tasks include collation of footage of NISEP secondary student leaders across their entire schooling and putting those together as stories, with the assistance of NISEP Director Joanne Jamie and Roberto Giunta from StoryMotive. In some cases, more filming will be done with these young leaders (post-schooling) and filming of upcoming NISEP events. Creating written case studies aligned with these stories will also be done as short reports.
FOA – MAS350 – Husskie – Internship Opportunity Sydney
Husskie is a lifestyle news website that gives a glimpse into the lives, wardrobes, career secrets, and beauty cupboards of top influencers. Launched in late 2016 by award-nominated journalist Yelena Fairfax, the site has already featured many interviews with successful influencers including the likes of They All Hate Us bloggers Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton, Gypsea Lust's Lauren Bullen, Lisa Messenger, and Li-Chi Pan.
FOA | MAS350 | The Generous and The Grateful - Media Internship Opportunity Sydney
The Generous and The Grateful was founded by Carmen Platt, a mother of two from Sydney. The Generous and the Grateful have established a network of alliances with NGOs to connect the donations of kind-hearted Australians to those who really need a boost to get back in control of their future. There are currently 2 opportunities offered at the organisation.
FOBE200 - FOBE300 | Starlight Children's Foundation |Business Internship | 2 Position Sydney
Starlight Children's Foundation brightens the lives of children, young people and their families when their lives are turned upside down by serious illness and hospitalisation. Over 420,000 Starlight experiences are created every year, helping to support the wellbeing of the whole family as they confront the reality of serious illness.
FSE - MATH399 | Cluey Learning | Internship | Multiple Positions Sydney
Internship available with Cluey Learning. A great opportunity to gain experience in curriculum development and observation/analysis of course delivery.
FOA | MRES701 | Macquarie University/SEVA - Research Assistant Opportunity Sydney
This is a research assistant position for a student to work in a project studying the experiences of international students from South Asia, studying at Macquarie University. Under the supervision of Dr. Sunaina Gowan (SEVA), Dr. Jen McPherson and Dr. Maria Amigo (Macquarie University), the student will assist with completing an ethics application, a literature review, the design of research tools, and the collection of data.
FOA | MRES701, AHIS392 | Research internships on The City of Rome (200 BC to AD 300) project Sydney
Following from the Museum of Ancient Cultures' City of Rome exhibition earlier in 2018, this internship is offered to students of Ancient History or other areas of expertise that may be applied to the study of cities, whether from architecture, geography, geology and so on.
FOA | MRES701 | Pace Research Internship Sydney
This project will investigate organisational and other factors that underpin successful international student internships. The project is designed to assist the FBE PACE team in identifying success factors and champions in partner organisations, and in better promoting the benefits of diverse interns to partner organisations, with the aim of increasing internship opportunities for international students.

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