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PACE activity opportunities available

These PACE activities are designed to meet the learning outcomes of a PACE unit. Please note that some opportunities may be available in more than one Faculty.

Current opportunities

Position Location Closes
FOA | PACE399 | Youth Action Research Internship Sydney
Got a passion for youth issues? Want to get some experience at a leading youth advocacy organisation in NSW? Intern with Youth Action! Applications for our Summer internship program are now open! Summer internships start in January, with orientation on the 21 December. Apply now for the Research Intern position!
FSE - MATH399 | Cluey Learning | Internship| Multiple Positions Sydney
Internship available with Cluey Learning. A great opportunity to gain experience in curriculum development and observation/analysis of course delivery.
FOA | MRES701 | Macquarie University/SEVA - Research Assistant Opportunity Sydney
This is a research assistant position for a student to work in a project studying the experiences of international students from South Asia, studying at Macquarie University. Under the supervision of Dr. Sunaina Gowan (SEVA), Dr. Jen McPherson and Dr. Maria Amigo (Macquarie University), the student will assist with completing an ethics application, a literature review, the design of research tools, and the collection of data.
FOA - LAWS300 - Ku-ring-gai Council – Social Research Internship Opportunity 2018 Sydney
This internship will involve evaluating changes in behaviour and / or adaptation actions implemented by Ku-ring-gai residents / organisations as a result of participating in a Climate Wise Communities workshop between 2014 – 2017 (ten workshops), as well as any ongoing barriers to implementing actions. Students will also compare the number of people taking action as a result of engaging in the CWC program via the CWC web tool since the launch of tool in April, 2018. At the end of the project, students will submit a report containing project aims, methods, results and discussion and include any recommendations for improving action outcomes from both attending a workshops and using the web tool.
FOA - AHIS392 - EMM Archaeological Excavation in Pyrmont - Internship Opportunity Sydney
EMM is a leading planning and environmental consultancy. The firm is distinguished by consistent high quality work, integrity and commitment to their clients. This internship will involve cleaning, sorting, registering, cataloguing artefacts from an historical archaeological excavation in Pyrmont NSW.
PHIL383 | MQ Student Diversity and Inclusion | Research Internship | 1 Position Sydney
The aim of this internship is to support the RNA education team in reviewing the current literature and evidence in campus-based sexual violence prevention education. This kind of education aims to foster positive changes in people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours in sexual violence prevention. So, what works well in this area? What doesn’t work so well? Why is this the case? In answering these questions, we can then develop and implement evidence-informed education using methods that reflect best practice and are shown to be effective in achieving positive changes in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours.
FHS - PSY399 | Ikabo |Research and marketing work to inform Ikabo's positioning & growth Sydney
Ikabo is an online innovation platform that crowd-sources ideas and insights to help companies solve problems, collaborate, and co-create at scale. This approach results in the best ideas progressing, with a focus on increasing engagement and sustaining a culture of innovation and transformation. Our clients' problems range from methods to engage employees to enabling and empowering people to drive change through innovation and co-creation. Our platform and the methodology behind its process is based on the psychology of change and there is always room for improvement.
FHS - PSY399 |Sydney Centre for Creative Change | Creativity and Mental Health – research and blog writing project Sydney
Sydney Centre for Creative Change is a leading provider of continuing professional development in creative therapies in Australia.
FHS - PSY399 |Sydney Centre for Creative Change | Family Violence - Child Group Counselling Support Literature Review Sydney
Sydney Centre for Creative Change is a leading provider of continuing professional development in creative therapies in Australia.
FOA | MAS350 | Marketing Intern Sydney
Cappello Rowe Lawyers has engaged an external marketing consultant to devise and implement an aggressive marketing strategy for the 18/19 FY. The student will work closely with the marketing consultant to assist in the implementation and assessment of the strategy. There will also be opportunity to contribute to the overall strategy and plan for the firm.
FSE - FOSC300 | Taronga Zoo | Multiple Projects | 4 Positions Sydney
Would you like to do your PACE activity with Taronga Zoo in Sydney?
FSE - ENGG400 | Outback Property Solutions | Multiple Engineering Opportunities| 4 Positions Sydney
Contribute to the development of software products within a positive and productive team environment.
FSE - ENGG400 | Memjet | Mechatronics Engineering Internship | 1 Position Sydney
Paid Mechatronics Engineering Internship in Memjet's Printing and Technology R&D Centre at Macquarie Park.
FOA | 2019 Internship Program at the U.S. Consulate Sydney
The U.S. Consulate General Sydney is looking for Macquarie University students to experience working alongside the Consulate’s American and Australian employees in the areas of economic/political, commercial, media and management over the 2019 Australian summer holidays. The internship will provide students with valuable educational and practical experience by assisting the U.S. Consulate General Sydney in accomplishing its mission goals.
FOA | MRES701, AHIS392 | Research internships on The City of Rome (200 BC to AD 300) project Sydney
Following from the Museum of Ancient Cultures' City of Rome exhibition earlier in 2018, this internship is offered to students of Ancient History or other areas of expertise that may be applied to the study of cities, whether from architecture, geography, geology and so on.
FHS - PSY399 | Black Dog Institute | LifeSpan suicide prevention: developing a consumer resource Sydney
LifeSpan suicide prevention: To develop a consumer/patient guide to what to expect when being seen by a primary health care professional for suicidality.
FOA | MRES701 | Pace Research Internship Sydney
This project will investigate organisational and other factors that underpin successful international student internships. The project is designed to assist the FBE PACE team in identifying success factors and champions in partner organisations, and in better promoting the benefits of diverse interns to partner organisations, with the aim of increasing internship opportunities for international students.
FHS - PSY399 |The LEAP Program, MQ | LEAP Mentoring (Refugee Mentoring) Sydney
The LEAP Macquarie Mentoring (Refugee Mentoring) program is a unique mentoring program for high school students from refugee backgrounds.
FOBE200 - FOBE300 | Student Initiated PACE Application |FBE Sydney
Use this application form to apply for approval to enrol in FOBE200 or FOBE300 using an internship that you have arranged yourself or an approved project with your current employer.
FOA | MMCS321 & MAS350 | Marketing and web design Internship Sydney
To assist the Dr Egg Digital/Adventure Lab group to undertake the next stage of commercialisation through assisting with implementing social media and web marketing tasks where feasible, including instagram/facebook and web posts, as well as some web content upload in Wordpress. This will include a funded BETA game test in July 2018, and the launch of marketing campaign for the Dr Egg Adventures Landing Page, marketing information and email list creation from July 2018.

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